Friday, 11 September 2009

I 'is' not interested

In an earlier entry, I talked about being harassed by sales people. Now it is about friends-to-be.  Well, it is not often that I get "harassed" by people who are keen to make friends (guys and girls), but once in a blue moon, I do. Recently I have had a number of strangers or friends' friends approaching me wanting to be friends and to chit chat. Some just want to network. Some "know" me from their friends. Some think they "know" me from my online persona. Some think that I can solve their problems, even though I do not know them yet! And some just want my company. I have been receiving emails and friend requests in Facebook and my phone has been ringing incessantly from strange numbers that I plainly refused to pick up the phone.

Let me set the record straight. I do not mind making new friends but somehow if I do not have a good feeling about something or someone, I would not be keen to pursue the "friendship" further. I trust my gut feel. Although sometimes my gut feel can get rusty with wrong judgement, but 90% of the time, I am quite right about something. I am bewildered that some "new friends" just do not get the hint, when I am polite but they could not sense I would be just that, and not anything more. I would only be more chummy with a person, if I like the person's character or I feel comfortable talking to the person. Otherwise, I would remain at best, friendly. If I like someone, I would always be the first to say "hello" or "how's your day?" or "have you eaten?" or "are you ok?" or even sms/msn/tweet more regularly with him/her or comment on the person's blog etc... I do, at the same time, tend to be more friendly with my regular fellow bloggers.

I have no more than 24 hours a day and just a pair of hands which I have millions of things to take care of, and countless catching up with old friends whom I don't even have time for. I hope overly enthusiastic fervent friends-to-be can take the cue. I am sure their time invested in other loved ones would be more fruitful and they deserve a better friend than me. Maybe I need to tell my closer friends not to be too "kaypoh" in introducing more stranger friends to me. Unless you are a potential partner or someone I am REALLY interested to "get to know". You can feel "it" when you talk to me, don't you?

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