Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Non-existent craving

Nothing spectacular to share about food and too busy to cook these 2 weeks. Didn't want to bore people with my meat-less diet, haha. I am hoping by being temp vegetarian I can lose some weight as well, so if I do so after the 100 days, then it will be a bonus.  One advantage is, I no longer feel bloated compared to when I was eating meat.

Was with a friend a couple of weeks ago in Sushi Tei. Here's my order - cold Cha Soba which was very good in terms of being springy. Potato tempura was the first time I tried potato in tempura. It was something different, not bad compared to the usual potato salad. Ordered the jap tofu to go with the sauce, yummy but I could not finish all. I think to a Jap food lover, these seemed lacklustre to the usual sashimi, prawn tempura, unagi rice, katsu don, or sushi. But I feel ok, really. I am really surprised with myself that I did not have any cravings or temptation for so long (because I was usually starving by the time I eat, been skipping breakfast or lunch).

Met up with another friend whom I have not seen for a long time, at Coffee Club for a quick lunch. Ordered the Mushroom swiss sandwich which came with salad. Included in the set was the soup of the day - minestrone soup and a drink. The sandwich was nothing extraordinary but I was hungry so I cleaned up everything (breakfast cum lunch). However during the late afternoon, I was hungry again. So I ordered a Croquette and french fries from Mos Burger.  I love the croquette there.

Just tonight, my sis called for delivery and ordered shepherd's pie for dinner. It was from, well, The Shepherd's Pie! Hmm.... we had chicken pie and veggie pie. Even the veggie pie tasted like chicken pie (carrots, mushroom, mashed potato, corn). I prefer to eat my shepherd's pie all mashed up like this, since it was wobbly soft. Too much of the good thing is jelak though.

Sometimes during the weekend after puja, I would order food from Fatty Weng coffeeshop nearby. Mostly is Hor Fun or Bee Hoon the tze char style. Recently, I prefer to order separate dishes without rice or noodles. I discovered these oblong pieces of fried tofu was fantastic, because of the sauce which they prepared on the spot. It tasted something like a mix between BBQ sauce and oyster sauce. The hot black sauce went very well with the hot crispy exterior and melt-in-the-mouth tofu inside.


  1. I wouldnt mind going on a veggie diet, as meat r expensive in NL.

    How do u go abt finding inspiration to cook only veggie dishes ?

  2. Hi there, I had to cook veggie dishes because I am on veg diet. Haha! But seriously it is due to religion.

    In Singapore, it is not necessarily cheaper to be on veg diet if you eat in vegetarian restaurants. However, there are many Chinese Buddhists who are vegetarians, whether full time or sometimes. Hence looking for veg food / dishes is not difficult. As for cooking at home, I just follow some veggie dishes my mom has cooked before, or I substitute meat dishes with non-meat alternatives.


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