Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I begin to see....

I am sort of dumbfounded about two things on Sunday. It is about the 2 separate dreams I had just 2 weeks ago. One was when I suddenly dreamt of a Dharma friend who was wearing all white in the dream. She is not someone I am that close to, in fact an acquaintance. So, was surprised she appeared in my dream for the first time. Then  on Sunday I heard that her father has passed away. 

The other dream in which I dreamt of nice resplendent roof top tiles on top of a tent right outside my house, where a lama was conducting a puja. On Sunday, I got a sms from the same temple informing members about the placement of holy objects on the roof of the temple. I did not know anything about placing holy objects there in the first place. Was it why I dreamt of beautiful roof top tiles in the same temple?

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