Tuesday, 2 February 2010

To do, to do, to do...

I don't have time to blog (in fact I am writing this on my phone outside). Trying to squeeze in these 2, 3 days to get so many things done before 4 Feb. Yes that is the target date I set myself to complete CNY preparations, even though it's still a good more than 10 days to CNY.

What do I need to prepare, you ask? It's the little stuff which many of us may not pay attention to.

1. Salvation Army
It's a yearly ritual for me to clear my wardrobe and pack my old clothes and to decide which pieces I no longer will wear and to donate them to the Salvation Army. I'm no hoarder of clothes. When it's time to go, it's time to go.

2. Spring Cleaning
Although we have a part time maid who comes once a month to clean the house, we still need to wash the toilets, mop floors. And I have cleared and packed the store room, really incredible how much junk we have only one and a half years in this place.  Most of these junk are my parents' stuff, things which they would not be using anymore yet they are keeping and do not allow me to throw. Even then, just the storeroom and kitchen alone, I have thrown away more than 10 bags of rubbish.  Can you imagine how many pots and pans we have as well as tons of Tupperware items Mom bought? If I am living alone I  definitely will have so much lesser junk. Luckily the more tedious tasks of cleaning our numerous windows and all cabinets and cupboards are done by the maid.

3. Repair Works
Coincidentally and luckily some items in the household got spoilt or broken just about the same time before the CNY.  I had my bedroom door handle replaced as the lock was spoilt, had to pay because the so-called warranty is over (HDB really need to review the quality of products by its sub-contractors as I heard many of the neighbours have the same problem). The pump of my water feature also got spoilt, the spring inside broke. So I bought an even more powerful one.  The pipe of the toilet bidet was also leaking so I had it fixed. We also had all the aircon units serviced. Now the aircon in my room is freezing. I got a new set of sofa covers after much difficulty because we wanted to maintain the leather sofa.

3. Feng Shui
Being well exposed to feng shui, it has been my interest and hobby since childhood to read up on feng shui, bazi, flying stars, face reading, animal zodiac signs and even astrology and numerology. Each year I will know from reading, that particular year's flying stars and thus implement the cures to the specific sectors of the house which fall under unfavourable flying stars. For example, the 3 most important areas to watch out for are the locations of the Tai Sui, the Five Yellow and the Three Killings for the current year. So my job is to install the cures / solutions where these 3 areas are. To me, it's better to be safe than sorry.

4. Dressing up
Not dressing myself up, but rather the house. After the springcleaning is done, it's time to decorate the house with auspicious CNY couplets and scrolls. It livens up the atmosphere, you know, sets the mood for the new year. One important couplet I will definitely buy a new one each year is the God of Wealth. It's become a habit. We want new wealth every year, right?

Ok these are just some of the preliminaries for the Chinese New Year I usually do. I've not talked about food and reunion dinners yet. Man, sometimes I wish to just getaway for a holiday during this period in order to avoid the hassle. But on the other hand, I feel these are necessary and important to ensure we have a good and smooth year ahead, even if just psychologically. :)


  1. Hi, may I know where you had your sofa covers done? Cos my leather sofa set is also going to wear out soon. Thanks

  2. It is not exactly customised to the shape n size. But it can be adjusted andn tugged in nicely all over, and there is a bow to tied behind to hold everything together. I bought them at Mustafa.


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