Thursday, 31 December 2009

On the mend

Had a not-so-comfortable dream last night. I was in a peculiar albeit calm and cool place. It was a rocky place (huge white rocks to be exact) with a stone house facing the sea. A little boat was docked by the sea next to the stone house. There was a voice in the dream telling me to get something from the man in the house. I remember the layout of the huge stones/rocks surrounding the house.

I was given something (not sure what that something was as I could not recall any object) by a stout and tanned burly elderly man who was wearing singlet and shorts. He looked more like a fisherman to me. Then a voice seemed to tell me I was to go meet a friend A, who needed my help. I was to take the boat with her to some place. The voice told me to look after A as she was in mourning and did not seemed to be herself.

True enough, when I got on the small boat, I saw A sitting there. She gave me an indifferent look and a quesy smile, but thereafter her head was mostly bent staring down at the floor most of the time. As the boat moved along slowly, I sat down next to her trying to engage in small talk. She just gave me polite answers. Suddenly I noticed there was a huge black lump the size of a ping pong ball grown on the side of her face, somewhere behind her right cheek. I was shocked as A is a very pretty lady in real life. There were even little tiny dots on her face. She spoke to me so softly that I could not hear anything. Someone was whispering to me to look at A's hair which was infested with dandruff (or was it lice?). Ugghh... I was a little uncomfortable and felt my head itchy as well. I told A when we reach the place, she had to go and bathe. Again she gave me a nondescript reply.

Then we reached a place, some building in the middle of nowhere but surrounded by lush green fields and mountains. It was quite breezy. It made me feel light and cool. Inside, I gave A a very large white towel and asked her to go bathe. She just said that we go meet our teacher first, the one who was to teach us sewing!! I was mystified! SEWING??!! We came to a lady in a room, with a sewing machine. I looked at the sewing machine with disdain and told A, could I not learn sewing as I was not interested. A said she was going to make me an embroidered blanket or something, so asked me to hang around. In my mind, I just wanted her to go bathe.

I cannot recall the other details in the dream. What exactly was the message of this dream? I know A is in mourning right now but I don't exactly know her very well. I wonder if she needs my help in some way.

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