Monday, 4 January 2010

That 小龙女

While I was searching for something in my laptop folder, happened to chance upon this photo I took of Fann more than a decade ago. I was shopping in Courts and she was there promoting the period drama, The Return of The Condor Heroes 神雕侠侣.  

Do you know that even in those younger days, I have never ever been to any events or roadshows just to purposely catch celebrities? Nor have I queued up for their autographs either. I thought and still think it is... errr... silly.

Fann looked at me just when I was about to snap this photo. She said something to me but I  already forgot what. I think this is the one and only celeb photo I ever have. No wait, I think I have Coco Lee's too. I was walking passed Boat Quay one day when I saw Coco at an open-air stage performance. She just started out then and was before she became really famous.

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