Sunday, 16 May 2010

Mommies' Day

We just had our little belated Mothers' Day gathering over the past weekend.

One of my aunts bought 2 identical mint choc cakes...

.... and we got 4 of the oldest oldies to cut the cakes. The one with all white hair is my grandma and the other 3 are my grand aunts.  The purpose of the gathering, besides celebrating mothers' day, was to let the oldies have a chance to chit chat with each other. Grandma and the grand aunties hardly have the opportunity to meet as they are not mobile enough. They need their children to fetch them around. It is a sad thing as many of my grandma's generation are not educated, hence, the number of activities they can do is quite limited. They value the company more than anything else. And oh yes, they even managed to watch the popular Taiwanese drama "爱" together. *Roll eyes*  

These are the rest of the younger troop although not the whole ging gang.  We had fun catching up, over makan, drinks and desserts.  The little kids were missing in action as they were busy playing and fooling around, as usual. And the men, were catching forty winks, as usual.  Hmm... I seemed to be hosting mommies' day gatherings at my place for the past 3 years. Time is precious, and I do it for the oldies, because I know they really look forward to such get-togethers. 

I must show this pretty girl... she's my cousin.... our usual "waitress" who is professionally trained to cut cake and to serve, to pop a champagne, and what-nots... :D

Here's a shot of all the mothers, young and old, spanning 3 generations. Happy Mothers' Day, mommies!

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