Wednesday, 26 May 2010

That therapeutic awesome experience

I used to rear lots of fishes many years back. Although I am not an expert in this, over the years, I went through many batches of fishes, some died, some survived but eventually when all died, I stopped the hobby. I have had goldfish, guppies, angel fish etc.. all of which are freshwater breed. I always feel it is so calming to watch fishes swimming in the tank and to hear the water pump blowing bubbles in the background, especially at night.

It was also because of this reason that I installed a tank inside my bedroom as well; I wanted to listen to the bubbles of water at night while in bed. Thought it would be relaxing and serene, great antidote to a tired soul at night. However, according to many fengshui books, this is a big no-no, as water is not advisable inside a bedroom, unless your fengshui master has specific reasons for you to do so. Well, as I was very young and ignorant then, I did not know about this taboo.

Not too long after I installed the fish tank in my bedroom, I had to go away for a business trip cum holiday, I asked my father to help me feed the fishes. It turned out to be a disastrous trip which I encountered many problems... having had my passport stolen overseas by a suspected syndicate, missed my flight and spent my holiday in the police station reporting the case and finding the culprit. And I fell ill too. It was the first time something negative happened to me during an overseas trip.

Upon my return, I did not notice anything amiss with my fishes. It was only many months later that my sis secretively told me that, while I was away on the trip, ALL my fishes died suddenly. Yes ALL 30+ of them mysteriously died (I didn't think my father had unknowingly poisoned them). Sis told me that my father was so shocked and panicked, knowing I would fly into a rage if I found out my fishes had died in his hands. Father quickly bought identical fishes to replace all the dead ones. No wonder I didn't find anything strange when I came back. So after piecing everything together, I believe having an aquarium in the bedroom has certain negative impact on the occupant. I shifted the aquarium to my living room after that. I always believe my 30+ fishes had died for me,sacrificed their lives for me, so that I could escaped further danger at that point of time.

I would always just stare in awe when I see an enormous aquarium and its moving marine life within. This is the 10-million litre Dubai Aquarium, located on the ground level of The Dubai Mall. It is the largest suspended aquarium in the world. I was there when it was officially opened. It was a huge mall, so was this Aquarium. The Dubai Mall contains more than 1,200 shops and is anchored by Galeries Lafayette, Debenhams, Bloomingdale's and Marks & Spencer.

Saw this incredibly therapeutic video from @polarpaws' blog and I love it, especially the song and accompanying it was the beautiful and stunning marine life in the Kurushio Sea Aquarium - the second largest sea aquarium in the world at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan.

The song is [ Please Don’t Go ] by Barcelona. Such a beautiful "nice Coldplay-ish vibe to it", according to @polarpaws. Enjoy this (especially in the quiet of the night). Awesome.

P.S. I love the stingrays swimming in the background. :D

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