Saturday, 3 July 2010

Rich & good rollin' in!

This is a scheduled post. I'm so busy! 

I was a little surprised when I heard of the name of this shop " Rich & Good Cake Shop". It is such a simple sounding name, and as the shop owner said, they are just a simple cake shop located in Kandahar Street.

Rich & Good specialises in swiss rolls with many different flavours - Kaya, Blueberry, Chocolate, Coffee, Durian, Green Tea, Mango, Strawberry, Orange and others.  Above 2 photos taken from their Facebook page.

The best seller is the Kaya roll. Sis made bro-in-law drive her down to Kandahar Street just to buy a few rolls of the delicious swiss rolls. The packaging is a long and simple looking box.

Kaya was fragrant and not too sweet. Such a nice hue.

They make very good tea time snacks or for parties.

We also tried the Durian Roll, oolalaa...... the creamy paste was thick and bursting with taste of real durian. It is best eaten when chilled.

Here's the address if you would like to try these delectable swiss rolls.  A nice change from the usual bakeries and Bengawan Solo swiss rolls.

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