Monday, 5 July 2010

"There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want."

My mom has finally stopped working about a month ago. Even though she had officially left the civil service  about a decade ago, mom had continued to work in other places which were open to employing retirees. My mom is a mild mannered person who worked diligently serving some top ranks of people in the civil service in the old days.

Mom is not someone who likes to or plays politics at work, so more often than not, she would be the one being bullied if anything else. Hence we supported her decision to stop working, even though she likes to work (to keep the mind active). 

As her children, my sis and I would not allow my mom to be bullied by anyone. However, my mom is a forgiving person, and she does not like to 'stir up' things. Otherwise I would have insisted on 'voicing out' to the higher authorities, to see justice be done for her and also to ensure the same plight does not happen to other victims who may be old retirees who do not know how to fight for their own rights. In true Buddhist fashion, in this episode, I have learnt from my mom, to be willing to forgive someone who made us really angry (despite all the sabotages and pent-up frustrations), and instead, be extra nice to our said enemies.

Anyway, she had a nice farewell by her fellow colleagues and the students, who wrote her letters, cards, made stuff for her, and bought her little gifts.  Sometimes, adults have a thing or two to learn from kids. Kids do not hide their feelings, and are more sincere.

Sweet writings of thanks and their thoughts.... they made my mom smile and so happy and touched with their innocent gestures. At least mom knows that her efforts at work have not been in vain.  At least the students appreciated her.

One of them made this little wood carving and painted on it....

..... and the behind "we will miss you"..... awwww..... so sweet... There was another handmade gift - a personal photo and frame - for the memories. 

Now that my mom has retired (again), she is going to enjoy life in her twilight years, going out and meeting her friends, more time for her hobbies like beads and flower arrangement, and she now has time to go for early morning walks. And sometime this week, she is going on a cruise again with her friends, to ... ahem..... try her luck at the jackpot in the casino, just for the fun of it. 

Oh and with mom at home nowadays, I do not need to cook anymore and I get to enjoy her home-cooked dishes instead. :D

Like they say... "There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want."  (quote by Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes).  Here's wishing my mom a sweet retirement.


  1. Send regards to you mum! =)
    Now you have more time to accompany her. =)

  2. Thanks, bro!
    She will be more busy than me by being too free. ;D


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