Monday, 12 July 2010

Santouka - another winning favourite Hokkaido Ramen

Last week, I was with a friend in Clarke Quay for yet another of my birthday celebration, looking for late lunch (or rather, early dinner).  In my opinion, it is easiest to opt for ramen since the top 3 most famous ramen restaurants are in the vicinity - Tampopo (in Liang Court) and Marutama and Santouka (both in The Central). 

Yes I felt like having something soupy and ramen is one of my usual cravings. Chose Santouka because I have yet to try this restaurant, as I always end up in Marutama or Tampopo for ramen. Pictured on the board outside the restaurant is their famous Tokusen Toroniku (Pork Cheek) which is a must-try, according to the friendly service staff.

Do you know one of the reasons why I like to dine in restaurants during off peak hours, is because it is more quiet with no crowd?  I do not like to eat and chat in a rushed manner. Bad for digestion.  Also, during peak hours, there is always a long queue in Santouka.

Here is the famous Chashu Ramen. It is a small version because I ordered the Tempura Prawn combo set which came with rice, ramen, tempura prawns and salad. For the soup base, they have the Shoyu (soya sauce), Shio (salted), Miso and Kara Miso (spicy miso) to choose from. I chose Shoyu soup base but I should have ordered the more miky Shio broth instead. The bowl of ramen came with chashu, bamboo shoots, egg, green onions, mushroom slices and naruto (fish cake).

I ordered an additional egg because I just love the boiled egg in ramen. The exterior of the egg is set but the interior yolk is so squishy and soft and watery which tasted so deliciously comforting.

The set came with salad. I like Japanese styled salad with its unique mix of sauces - rice wine vinegar, vegetable oil., soy sauce and sugar. Very appetising.

These tempura prawns were big and deep fried till just-right crispy on the outside. However, I do still prefer wholesome prawns on the inside than mashed prawns. Otherwise, it just lacked the crunchiness and freshness of the prawns.

Here was the whole set. I did not finished the rice, I should have ordered just the usual bigger bowl of ramen itself. On the whole, Santouka ramen was enticingly good and flavourful, but for the broth, I think I still prefer Marutama's or Tampopo's. Personal preference.

At a certain stage, I was already playing with my ramen. See the 'bewildered big mouth face'?  The noodles were decidedly chewy QQ, good enough for me.

Here's the rice and the tempura prawn again. A tad too dry towards the end as I slurped up the ramen broth and mixed them with the rice too. Would be nice if they could have provided some teriyaki sauce or some gravy.

Luckily I ordered beer which was a welcome change from the tea or soft drink I usually order.  Bottoms up!

The view was nice from Santouka in the quiet late afternoon, looking down at the Singapore River and the Clarke Quay restaurants. Can't say the water was clear though.

Ramen Santouka
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #02-76,
The Central. Tel: 62240668


  1. I went to ramen place at central, it's under Tampopo group but the noodles were not very good.

    Wonder if the Liang Court one will be better?

    I had the fried rice & ramen (miso soup) set the last time I went Santouka and it's quite nice.

  2. What's the name of the ramen place? I always like Tampopo in Liangcourt or Marutama broth.

  3. Can't remember the name but the menu shows that it's under Tampopo group, they sell the cakes from Tampopo Deli too.


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