Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A little part in Youth Olympic Games 2010 - Refresh, Rise, Roar!

A couple of weekends ago, my sis asked if I would like to go watch a dance performance by my niece. Her team which won Silver for the national dance competition in Singapore Youth Festival, was due to perform in one of the stops where the YOG torch would be passed on, at St Patrick's School.

This was at St Patrick's School which was abuzz with activities for the mini concert/ceremony as well as a carnival, and also to celebrate National Day.

The boys in the military band were quite good, with the few pieces they played.

Finally after an hour or so of waiting, the YOG torch finally reached the school and handed over to the Principal.  I appreciate the excitement from the kids while I melted in the hot afternoon sun. 

Backstage, my niece and friends were busy chatting and laughing away, waiting for their turn to perform. I like their "peacock" lookalike costume, with tiara and feathers and "wings". See the huge colourful flower on her chest?

At last their dance performance which they jumped in the air and danced enthusiastically. I pity the heat these little girls must be feeling the entire afternoon, in that costume.

One group photo for the memories for their YOG participation.

Did you know my sis spent 2 hours in the morning tying all these plaits for niece? Phew.

Doesn't niece's costume looks like the colour of Merly's mane? Haha! And while niece was too busy with her friends and performance, nephew found time to take pictures with Merly. He insisted his mommy must accompany him, while I was the photographer.

He also  took another with Lyo. Merly and Lyo are the YOG's official mascots. Refresh. Rise. Roar, the Coca-Cola theme song for Youth Olympic Games 2010.

This was one of my favourite shot of the day, in the compound of St Patrick's School. It was a hot and sweaty day, I was melting so badly that I forgot to take pictures of the fun fair and carnival (I was eating).

Below is a recording of the performance by the military band boys. What a Mama-Mia performance! Well done, boys! And also my niece and friends!

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