Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Pasta la cuisine de style chinois

Whenever I need to prepare a quick dinner, sometimes I will cook pasta, ala the Chinese stir-fry style.

Ingredients used are usually Capsicum, young corn, mushroom (can be chinese mushroom or white button mushroom or shitake mushroom), lots of chopped onions and a meat of your choice. I usually use Chicken cut into pieces. Before that, I will marinate the chicken with sesame oil, light soya sauce, black pepper, little corn flour and sometimes a dash of Cajun seasoning. Optional: You can add in pork and prawns to make the dish even 'sweeter'.

And of course the pasta. I like to use Fusilli because it is more springy and it looks nice. For condiments, I use Woh Hup Shitake Mushroom Sauce  (or Oyster Sauce) and white cooking wine. Actually you can improvise with whatever sauces you have till you get the taste you like. There are no hard and fast rules about it. To me, it is just a normal stir-fry dish.

First you need to cook the pasta in a big pot of boiling water. I use slightly more than one pack of 700gm pasta for my family of seven. Add a little olive oil and salt. After 8-10 minutes, sieve the pasta and let it cool and dry. 

Next prepare to stir fry the ingredients. Saute the chopped onions in hot oil until they turn golden brown and fragrant. Next add the chicken and stir fry till about 50% cooked, and throw in the young corn and then capsicum (depending how crunchy you like your capsicum. You can also have red capsicum to make the dish moe colourful). Add some water and let them cook. Leave the mushroom to the last till almost all the ingredients are almost cooked. Add a little of the white cooking wine. Then add in the cooked pasta and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Add the Shitake Mushroom sauce and salt to taste. Do a quick stir fry and you are done.

Tadah! This is my Pasta la cuisine de style chinois.

Actually I have blogged about this dish a couple of times, like when I was on vegetarian, I made Pasta de Vegan or the more colourful version. My next challenge is how to make this dish with "wok hei", the delicious 'burnt' taste so popular with Chinese stir-fry dishes. 

I love how easy and fast it is to cook this dish. It took me less than an hour to prepare dinner. And sometimes it is nicer than fried rice. Yummy! 


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