Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Feng Shui: Why do you think they are placed there?

My mom was complaining of very tired legs that made her walk with difficulty and pain. So I brought her for a massage at one of those foot reflexology shops in Katong.

While I was waiting for my mom, I was sitting near the entrance of the shop. I noticed that the cashier counter was directly facing the door of the shop and in between them were placed very peculiar objects.  There were 13 cylindrical small pillars made of stone, arranged neatly in 2 rows. Out of the 13 cylindrical pillars, 10 of them  each had a big pebble on top, while there were 2 golden elephant statues on 2 cylindrical pillars, and 2 golden monkeys on 1 cylindrical pillar. Immediately I knew it must be a certain feng shui cure, but I have not heard of this peculiar method/formation before. 

I also guessed that the fengshui cure might have been placed to counteract the escalators directly facing the shop.  Those familiar with feng shui may know facing escalators to your house or shop is a big no-no, generally speaking. The rule of thumb is to avoid the shops which are directly in front of the bottom step of the escalator. This is because all the energy and prosperity is being drawn off and invited out of the shops by the negative arrow of the escalator. While people may think that positioning one's shop directly to where customers can view the store as they alight the escalator is a good location, it's bad Feng Shui and detrimental to one's profit. Thus explains the feng shui cure placed right in front of the shop. And judging from the business of the massage parlour, they were doing ok, although there were many masseuses waiting at the entrance rather than clients. 

I have always been interested in Feng Shui, and will pay attention to interesting or weird placement of objects at certain places and try to guess the purpose behind such arrangement. To me, Feng Shui is not about myths and superstitions but more of common sense and intuition (sixth sense), it is about creating complete harmony to blend in with the natural order of Heaven (), Earth () and you ().

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