Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hanging around with darlings

The December holidays came and past by quickly. This is what I did with niece and nephew on some days, the simple stuff.

We went to East Coast Park to cycle. Beautiful beach during mid day.
In between, we rest and play sudoku under the shades. Bike basket "Not For Dog"
We also had long walks.
After foodcourt lunch, we went Swensons for ice cream. Nephew was still hungry.
Ordered their usual favourite, Sticky Chewy Chocolate.
Another day, we went Sakae Sushi and had the kids' fav Jap items.
Nephew likes to pose for me now, and not niece. They like conveyor belt.
We went to watch Megamind & the arcade, a luxury only during the school hols.
Completed the day with Marble Slab ice cream topped with Oreos.
Another day, we went Soup Spoon. We didnt like their Pumpkin Soup anymore.
Went for free Ben & Jerry ice cream with waffle.
Tucking in.....
We lazed on the sofa in B&J.
On the way home, nephew knocked out.
When we were slurping our ice cream, I asked nephew,

Me: "R, if next time I am very old, poor, and hungry and if next time you own a restaurant, will you let yee yee eat in your restaurant 3 meals everyday for free?"

R, nodding his head: "Yes, of course, you can eat for free."

Me: "You sure??" (touched)

R: "Yes lah, sure! (then he gave me a mischievous grin) You all very funny you know, always ask me if next time when I grow up, I'll be this and that... What if next time I grow up, I become a lawyer, do you want me to give you free of charge for all your law suits?"

Me: "CHOI !!!!!"


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