Sunday, 2 January 2011

Wan Tou Sek 搵到食 @ Geylang

A couple of weeks ago, a fellow blogger friend, Bohtakchek, recommended me this place in Sims Avenue (somewhere near Geylang Lorong 17) called Wan Tou Sek 搵到食. Wan Tou Sek is cantonese, which somewhat means "found something to eat". They specialise in dim sum.

So on new year's eve, I had my last meal of 2010 with the family in this humble looking place. The front of the restaurant looks like a stall selling take-away dim sum and only a few tables for diners along the pathway outside the shop, with the main road of Sims Avenue in front. However entering the plastic strip curtain at the back of the shop, you find an air-conditioned dining area with rows of tables arranged neatly, which can easily sit 50-60 people. Lots of photos ahead! 

Sugar Cane Juice $2.  Their drinks come interestingly in the size of a big plastic bowl/tub.

Niece and nephew slurping down their ice cold drinks. We ordered drinks like sugar cane, water chestnut, barley aloe vera, lemon tea, and chinese tea.

Xiao Long Bao $3.20. They informed us before hand that the Xiao Long Bao does not have any "soup" inside. Theirs are a dry version, more like a round dumpling. Nonetheless ithe XLB is quite soft and fragrant. We ordered 2 baskets of these.

Pearl Glutinous Rice $2.20.  Sticky rice is one of my favourite dish and the sticky rice in Wan Tou Sek is done a little more QQ and even has a faint hint of "wok hei" which makes it very shiok.

Paper Chicken $4.20. It has been a long time since I last ate Paper Chicken. We ordered 2 plates of this. The Chicken wrapped in paper is deep fried, hence the oily exterior. When you peel away the paper, the chicken retains its flavour and juiciness. I prefer these than the usual fried chicken wings which are also available. The kids like this dish.

Fried Seaweed Roll $3.50. These are deep fried beancurd skins with seaweed inside. Very crispy outside with juicy beancurd skin and seaweed inside.
Fried Sotong Balls $3.20.  Niece loves these cute looking balls which are crunchy and not too oily.

Fried Dumplings $3.20. The 锅贴 does not look that appetising as it looks soaked with oil. However the inside is delish dipping it with vinegar and ginger strips. I just do not fancy the deep fried skin which is a little too hard.

Tau Cheo (Fermented Beans) Fish Head  $4.50. This dish is a favourite with my parents. The jelly-like fish pieces are generously topped with Tau Cheo sauce. Very well done.

Sweet & Sour Crab $9.  Nephew wants to order this dish as he likes crab. The sweet and sour crab is served with slices of soft white bread decked on top of the crab, so that you can dip the bread into the gravy. The gravy is both spicy and sweet. I find the gravy a little too sweet for my liking.

Steamed Yam 3 Layer Pork $ 3.50. This is the first time I tried this dim sum dish which is quite unique. Beancurd skin is wrapped with yam mix and pork and braised. Unusual.

Fried Frog Legs $4.50.  To be frank, I have stopped eating frog legs for a long time.  I was a little uncomfortable when my bro-in-law ordered these. They look like chicken drumsticks. I did not touch this dish.

Szechuan Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs $5. This is another delightful find. Instead of the usual braised pork ribs, we ordered the szechuan version, which was more spicy and sour. The gravy was tangy-goodness and the pork ribs accompanied by slices of the fermented szechuan veggie. It should go well with white rice.  

Fried Yam Cake $3.20.  The fried yam cake was rather ordinary. Fortunately it was not too oily.

Fried Ee Foo Noodles $8 (Sizes $4, $6, $8).  This was unanimously everyone's favourite dish! We ordered the large portion.  The ee foo noodles were stir fried very skillfully, the noodles were QQ with generous helpings of cabbage, crab sticks, prawns, pork, egg and beansprouts. I highly recommend this must-try dish. 

The Ee Foo Noodles are so shiokalicious that nephew polishes the last few strands from the huge bowl himself!! And he still pose for me.  I like to watch kids eating. Because whether a dish is nice or not, you can tell from their expression. No words are needed. 

If you are a dim sum lover, do give Wan Tou Sek a try. This place has the largest variety of dim sum items in their thick booklet of a menu.  The total bill came up to about $77 for the 7 of us. This works out to be averagely $11 per pax, and we got to try 13 types of dim sum. Quite worth it. What a heart-warming meal to end the year 2010 with the family. So, what was your last meal in 2010 ? 

126 Eating House (Wan Tou Sek)
126 Sims Ave
Tel: 67464757, 67454869
Open 24 hours daily


  1. Whaha...
    Great that you give this darn fine makan place the publicity it deserves ! Happy 2011, buddy

  2. wow, thanks!!

    i didn't know got seating inside, tot it is take-away style ...

    cool ... love to try the Pearl Glutinous Rice ... drooling liao

    heehee ;)


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