Sunday, 22 May 2011

$2 breakfast in Singapore

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal to kickstart the day. Usually I try to source for my first meal of the day that is delicious and more importantly, value-for-money. Also it has to be quick. Unless you are eating at home or grabbing a bun or bread, It is pretty difficult to find cheap breakfast in fast-paced Singapore, as the standard of living is at an all-time high. Sometimes, I settle for brunch, killing two birds with one stone and hence, save some penny.  

Here are some of my $2 finds for breakfast:

Lontong. This is from a Muslim stall in Marine Parade and my all-time favourite for breakfast or lunch.  I love the combination of rice cakes, begedil (mashed potato, hard boiled egh, long beans and cabbage topped with coconut and delish gravy, all for $2. 

Lo Mai Kai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken) and Siew Mai.  These were from a stall in Bendemeer market.  They are very generous with the chicken and mushroom. Actually I just like glutinous rice with the juicy mushroom, minus the chicken.  Dipping them in a sour spicy chilli sauce was the bomb. Only $2.

Black carrot cake.  I love this fried carrot cake from the market in an old neighbourhood in Sims Drive. If I am nearby, and everytime I am there, I would definitely order Kim Lee's black carrot cake.  They put lots of chopped garlic, making it a fragrant combination with tender carrot cake and egg that melts in your mouth. I usually order the $2 portion.

Economy Char Bee Hoon (fried vermicelli).  Another favourite for breakfast is Char Bee Hoon, be it the dark or fair versions. My favourite is a mix of dark yellow noodles and vermicelli and topped with deep fried bean curd skins. You can add a piece of wu xiang or luncheon meat or sausage. Together with cut green chilli or chilli sauce, it is a filling meal for only $2.

Kaya Toast set.  A local favourite - this combination of kaya toast with soft boiled eggs and coffee is very popular with Singaporeans. This is from a coffeeshop and costs only $2. The more popular shops like Ya Kun, Toast Box and Wang, are selling the set at more than $3.

English Scone.  Once in a while, I indulge in english raisin scones. Each scone costs $2.  Applying jam on top a warm scone makes for a heartening simple breakfast.

Epok Epok and Coffee.  Actually it is TWO epok epok (curry puff) and a cup of coffee for $2. These epok epoks are the Malay version for curry puff, often with filling like sardine and kentang (potato). I love epok epok with its crunchy pastry!

Chee Cheong Fun. These are thin rolls made from rice flour. It goes with black sweet sauce and chilli sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is like eating noodles in a different way.

Gingerbread cookie.  Bought these for niece and nephew to bring to school to eat during recess time. I think they were $2 or less, I could not remember.  I did not have the heart to eat these lovely pretty cookies.

Pork Congee.  My all time favourite - congee cooked with pork, liver, minced meat, egg and topped with you tiao.  I do not know why the stall holder charged me $2 for this bowl of congee. It is usually $3.  Thank you, uncle!  Yummy!

If you can find $2 breakfast, do share.  


  1. Nice post sis!
    It's not so easy to find $2 breakfast nowadays..

    And by the way, I had Chee Cheong Fun today too.. yum yum! =)

  2. Thanks bro! Share your $2 finds too!!!


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