Monday, 23 May 2011

The "Keenu Reeves" in Turkey

A tweet friend, Mellissa (@melpig), just came back from a vacation to Turkey. While browsing through her photos, I chanced upon this sales guy (man on the right) in Turkey.  He looked so familiar. I went to check my own Turkey photo album.  

I found the guy I was looking for (man on the left). Do you think both of them looked alike?  Are they the same person?  Or do Turkish guys all look alike?  The nose, the eyes, the mouth shape, the ears and even the hairlines are similar! 

I was in Turkey more than a decade ago. When we saw this young guy at the pottery factory, we had to chat him up and take a photo. Such a talented chap. The guys there were so friendly. We nicknamed him a young "Keenu Reeves".  

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