Monday, 2 May 2011

What a happening month in April!

Again I forgot it's month end! The month of April also flew past quickly, and it was a month of many happening news and events, on the home front and internationally. I have so much backlog to blog but in no mood to write. Here's my round up of April...

This statue looks like a double thunderbolt, Visvavajra (or Double Dorje) striking from the sky! It represents the thunderbolt of enlightenment, the moment of clarity that all Buddhists hope to one day achieve.

Saw the behind of this row of shophouses, spiral staircases. I called them "Rainbow Spirals".

Sweet cozy country themed corner in a boutique shop. Reminds me of a friend who would love this set up.

My awfully nice chocolatey chocolate ice cream - it was one scoop but it looked like 2 scoops. Awfully generous of the staff. 

I like the Stadium MRT, the only train station which is clean, quiet and cool with nice structures.

Passing by a Hindu temple, and saw the devotees offering prayers to Lord Krishna.

Tried Vietnamese coffee, Trung Nguyen.  Did not fancy it, as it was too bitter, or maybe I ordered the stronger version.

Celebrated mom's 68th birthday, whom I owe so much in this lifetime. May she enjoy many more years of happiness and good health!

Sighted Pon Pon, tall and handsome Thai guy from the chinese variety show on Channel 8.

Roast duck, roast chicken, roast pork, which is your preferred choice? 

I love my rice dribbled with lots of gravy, especially this famous Scissor Curry Rice. It looks messy but shiok! Pork chop, curry chicken, cabbage, egg covered with different types of gravies.

Could not help eavesdropping on this couple, the guy was obviously wooing the PRC lady.

Family had a great reunion with my aunt and hubby back from abroad. Few days of get-together was fun.

Nothing beats having a piping hot Kopi-C and Epok Epok from the Malay stall. I love both sardine and kentang epok epok!

On another day, for breakfast, was craving for Chee Cheong Fun, again with lots of sauce and chilli and sprinkled with lots sesame seeds!

Saw these cute angry birds soft toys in a shop. So tempted to buy all for niece and nephew but of course I did not. So you know in local context, we called these Angry Birds, "Tu Lan Jiao"?  (it's equivalent to an expletive).

A destitute on the street with a weird tattoo.

Went on a 3-day meditation retreat. Did you notice most of the retreatants were coincidentally in red, which has a special significance for this retreat? :)

Received devastating news that my precious guru Lama Zopa Rinpoche has manifested a stroke. His right hand and leg could not move.  In the hospital, Rinpoche was trying to prop up his right hand with his left hand in the prostration mudra, in order to offer food in prayers to the Three Jewels.

On-going pujas for Lama Zopa Rinpoche's speedy recovery and long life. Amitabha Buddhist Centre is targeting to liberate the lives of 10 million animals every week for Rinpoche's complete recovery. So far, half a million animals have been liberated.

Accidental shot captured by my iphone. Sometimes it is good to go for a walk alone, to clear the mind. 

Sathya Sai Baba passed away at the age of 84. The highly revered and controversial sage has a huge following among the Hindus and millions of devotees all over the world.

Mom made braised pork for Kong Bak Pau, which you wrap the slightly fatty pieces of meat into hot plain buns. Yummy!

After 5 years, it is time for elections again in Singapore! This time, almost all the wards except one, were being contested. During these 2 weeks, it is interesting to watch and listen to what the future leaders (incumbent and opposition parties) have to say.  

Even posters and banners the various political parties put up were made fun of. Scare tactics do not sit well with me. So, be warned. 

The wedding of the decade! The future King of England, Prince William, wedded the ravishing Kate Middleton, both becoming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. His late mom, Princess Diana, would have been so proud. 

News just came in that Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US Military in Pakistan. After a decade since the 9/11 tragedy, Osama's death serves as raving report card for President Obama. 

On the home front, come 7 May, so are you going to vote in a Co-Driver to slap the Main Driver if he goes off the course? 

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