Saturday, 10 September 2011

大中国 Moon Tarts

No, I'm not talking about "Tan-tarts". These are Moon Tarts from the famous shop selling traditional mooncakes, 大中国.

They come in 2 flavours, the walnut and macadamia flavours. The only difference between a moon cake and a moon tart is the pastry is more flaky than that of the mooncake. What a nice alternative because the moon tart is not as sweet as the mooncake! I particularly like the Macadamia Moontarts because the nutty flavour of the roasted macadamia is so fragrant.

The inside of the moon tart is exactly like the mooncake, with yolk inside. I like traditional mooncake compared to snowskin ones, but I do not like it being overly sweet. So I guess the Moon Tart is a good choice. I heard the queues at 大中国 are very long. Get them before they are all gone!


  1. Wah. I didn't know they sell moon tart too! Shall try it next yr. 中秋节快乐! :)

  2. A late reply, but hope you had a nice 中秋节, misstamchiak!


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