Wednesday, 22 July 2009

ThreeSixty in ION

I was in Orchard for a meeting and passed by the new gigantic shopping mall, ION Orchard. Didn't have time to shop but walked by quickly to see what were the new shops. It was huge and like me, many people were just basically there to check the place out, many were elderly aunties and uncles on a weekday.

Guess who I bumped into? Eric Tsang, the famous HK actor/comedian/host! He was coming down the escalator and I was going up and too late to take a snap shot of him. Probably he was there for a shop's official opening or his own shop. Or both.

Many brands were there, the high-end ones with elegant boutiques and the smaller shops. I found one high class supermarket called ThreeSixty Marketplace. I think this was the most high class of all the supermarkets I've seen so far. And the prices were at least 20%-30% or more higher than outside. But the interesting thing was, they carry many many other foreign brands which we have not seen before.
I am always fascinated by what you can find in supermarkets. So I had a quick look around. The arrangement and presentation was more impressive than Cold Storage and they have service staff in jackets who were on hand to help you. Wah, premium supermarket. That's why premium prices. Frozen pizzas, cheese, strawberries alone they were a number of different brands. The veggies were wrapped so elegantly like bouquets of flowers!
I just love to look at the colourful vegetables, carrots, radish, tomatoes, and besides the usual green / red / orange capsicum, there were even black ones, purple ones, yellow ones.
I found high class M&Ms, and these were from Hediards. Even baby diapers' brands like this I have not seen before. So cute yet subtle packaging.
I have soft spot for chips. So there were unbelievably so many brands or flavours I have not tried before. For example, Kettles chips have flavours like Honey Soy Chicken! And cornflakes and cereals alone have too many choices to choose from.

Likewise, milk, soy milk, rice milk, coffee, jam, pasta, wine - there were huge selections. I wish many years ago when I was on a diet, I had so many brands of soy milk to choose from. I was on unsweetened soy milk and then, I had only 1 or 2 brands available and they tasted horrible.

The cold cuts and seafood sections were impressive with service staff even giving you professional advise. I like the Japanese area. The sushi and handrolls were properly packaged for fast take aways. Some exotic fruits were there and there was this honey dew which was packaged so nicely with a ribbon. I didn't even bother to look at the prices(premium, remember?). There was this unique looking peach from the USA called Saucer peach, and well they looked flat like a saucer! Interesting.
Few days ago I was wondering if the premium chocolate Ghirardelli chocolate can be found in Singapore. Well here it is. I went gah-gah and spoilt for choice for the different flavours of chips, and so many organic ones too. Sweet and candy also plenty of organic ones.
So many types of fruits and exotic vegetables as well. There were even little pots of herbal plants on sale. I thought it was great to see some herbs I have never seen before. I did not buy anything as I was in a hurry. But I will be back to check out the place. ThreeSixty is on the 4th floor. Basically 1st to 4th floors are mostly big branded boutiques. And Basements B1-B4 are the smaller shops and restaurants.
One interesting thing, the mall had huge placards like these all over the walls everywhere (with some outlets not opened yet). So poetic (I love it) and they read....

One thread makes a stitch. A weave of threads makes a new you.

To stir a sense takes seconds. To evoke all senses takes time.

To dress takes minutes. To discover a new look takes time.

A meal takes minutes. A spread takes time.
I think ION Orchard is going to do well, because of its wide variety of shops available. It is also convenient as you step right into ION once you are out of the Orchard MRT control station. And now, through the mall, it links the MRT all the way to Wheelock Place, where Borders and Marks & Spencers are. All the neighbouring malls can benefit too from ION's presence.

You can check out more of ION from this blogger


  1. WOW am definitely gonna check out the supermarket now. I walked past it last weekend but was too caught up exploring Ion on the whole as to peeking into individual shops.

    Great photos, thanks :D

  2. ION Orchard is sitting on a very good location fengshui-wise. BUT, the architect placed a huge beam right in front of the entrance. In fengshui terms, this beam blocks whatever good "chi" there may be from entering the building. ION Orchard will not be doing as well as it should.

  3. I bought 2 bottles of wine-ROSEMOUNT and suppose to get a 20% discount at $38.90 per bottle.I saw at Parkway parade basement wine shop,the same wine is selling for $30.90.
    Just want to share with all that I am feeling short change.


  5. Spoke to the Melvin of Three-Sixty regarding the wine is more expensive than Parkway.He said he will investigate.
    Philip Chan

  6. Wow ok. I don't think they will revise the prices because besides the wine, there are many other items more expensive than outside. It is a HIGH CLASS supermart. :)


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