Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Already Famous 《一泡而红》

One local movie is set to rock this November. I only learned of it last night when I saw this trailer. I do not usually watch local flicks but this is kinda funny. It is a movie starring and directed by our own local artiste, Michelle Chong. She is starring as a Malaysian aspiring for stardom and her accent was unmistakably and hilariously impeccable. Also, our very own Kumar is making an appearance as himself! 

It is Michelle Chong's directorial debut and Alien Huang's first Singapore movie.  Apparently Michelle Chong wrote the movie’s script 9 years ago. However the plan to direct the movie was delayed as Michelle became busy with various acting and hosting projects. Now Michelle is finally going to fulfill her dream. 《一泡而红》is a lighthearted and insightful comedy about Singapore’s entertainment industry. Watch out for it.


By the way, it was just announced in the news yesterday that our local TV news parody show, The Noose, has been nominated for Best Comedy in the International Emmy Award. This is a great news for Michelle Chong who starred in this comedy series and made popular memorable characters such as Barbarella, Leticia Bongnino, and B.B See, who pokes fun at all things Singaporean. This is great news for local TV and also for Michelle. 

With the debut of her first movie coming 24 Nov 2011, this Emmy Award nomination is so timely. A great career boost. By the time the movie is out, she is indeed ALREADY FAMOUS ..... not 一泡而红, but rather, 一炮而红.   Congratulations to her!  

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