Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Surviving the floods in Bangkok

Hello everyone! I apologise for the long hiatus from blogging, because I am exhausted and preoccupied with some stuff. I am also thinking of the place which I have found (akin to Pureland to me in this samsaric world) which I would like to settle down in, retire, and perhaps to die there next time, if I have the good karma to. No, I don't mean Bangkok.

Anyway, I am sure we have all heard about the floods in Thailand. In Facebook, I have been getting daily updates from my cousin there about the flood situation.  They are definitely affected. Work and life has come to a standstill. Most people are stuck at home. Here are some photos which my cousins have shared and updated about their current daily life now, being stranded at home. They stay in Bangkae, south-west of Bangkok.  I feel it is actually quite fun to have such an experience, at least once in a lifetime. :P

My cousin with her gear and boots et al, standing in the midst of the flood waters.

I wonder how the buses can still function at this stage, but people still need to get to work at some places, right? 

Credit must be given to the Thai Military for transporting the people from place to place. 

Would you want to be stuck like this? 

A mother and daughter in the street, out for shopping? 

The boat has replaced the car and became the mode of daily transport!

The water level is already above the knees. 

Outside my cousin's house, that's their homemade raft!!

Outside cousin's house, over the fence, everything outside is submerged. The road has become a canal!

See my cousin, safe and dry inside his house, watching people outside. Is the man fishing??

They are installing "zinc sheets" outside their fence, to prevent the waters from seeping into the house. 

Loads of sandbags are also stacked up high to control the flood from coming into their property.

See the stark difference of wet and dry, the street outside and inside their house. Suddenly they are like living in an island surrounded by waters.

All due to these powerful electric pumps, pumping the flood waters out. 

The 2 main gates blocked by sand bags. The house compound is dry.

My cousin's security guard at work - patrolling outside - on the homemade raft.  Haha!

The cousin has run out of food supply!  Out shopping on a boat....

The Mall in Bangkae - flooded too.

Up to a certain point, my cousin got off her boat and up her car to drive to the Mall !

Frantically stocking up on food, food and food!

Reaching back home with her supply of a boat again!

They even had "luke-chin-moo" today as a yummy treat! 

My cousins took turns cooking every day being stranded at home. So much fun and sibling bonding time. I think it's a blessing in disguise to have this flood.

These boots are made for walking... I mean, flood!

While my cousins hold the fort at home, their parents (my uncle and aunt) are staying in another province with their grand children, playing golf everyday. Hope everything gets back to normal soon, and all my family and friends are safe and sound!  Khop khun ka!!

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