Friday, 27 January 2012

Nonya-styled Ngoh Hiang (Five-Spice Meat Rolls) 娘惹五香

The CNY is not CNY without my mom's Ngoh Hiang. Without fail, every CNY, I would help my mom prepare the ingredients for her Nonya-styled Ngoh Hiang (Five-Spice Meal Rolls). Mom followed Violet Oon's recipe with little improvisions. After chopping and chopping and chopping all the ingredients into tiny pieces, mom insisted she be the one wrapping the Ngoh Hiang so that they are consistent in size and look good, while I man the steamers and wash and wash and wash the dishes.

Ingredients used: 
- pork loin
- minced pork 
- minced fish meat
- prawns
- diced spring onions 
- water-chestnuts (peeled) 
- carrots (peeled)
- onions (peeled) 
- transparent dried soya bean skin 
- sugar, light soya sauce, salt, pepper
- Chinese five-spice powder 
- corn flour  
- sesame oil

The entire spread of ingredients... I peeled and chopped, peeled and chopped, peeled and chopped...

Mixing all the ingredients together...

Thoroughly mixed ingredients in a huge pot, ready to be wrapped! 

Mom wrapping the Ngoh Hiang with beancurd skin, which is slightly salted by itself.

Nicely wrapped Ngoh Hiang in steamers ready to be steamed! 

I had to jagah the boiling water and time. It takes about less than 15 minutes to steam the rolls of Ngoh Hiang.
The meat rolls are ready in no time! 

All steamed and cooked Ngoh Hiang were laid out to cool, before being kept in the freezer.  When you would like to eat them, just fry them.

After frying the frozen Ngoh Hiang, you are ready to serve golden brown juicy meat rolls, garnished with cut cucumber.

Our homemade Ngoh Hiang, with lots of crunchy water chestnuts. Bon appetit!

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