Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Take up Nadya's challenge for Earth Hour 2012 !

This year, Earth Hour is happening on Saturday, 31 March 2012, at 8:30pm. 

Each year, hundreds of millions of people, businesses and governments around the world unite to support a meaningful cause, which is the largest environmental event in history – Earth Hour.

For Earth Hour 2011, more than 5,200 cities and towns in 135 countries around the world switched off their lights to send a powerful message for action on climate change. Without a doubt, it has been proven how great things can be achieved when people come together for a common cause.
Nadya Hutagalung with her husband, former national swimmer Desmond Koh.

Nadya's I-Will-If-You-Will Challenge

This year, World Wildlife Fund's Official Earth Hour Celebrity Ambassador, the beautiful Nadya Hutagalung takes on a challenge close to her heart!  Nadya, the former model and face of MTV Asia, has been Singapore's Ambassador for the WWF's Earth Hour for the past 3 years. She is a well-known eco-activist and champion for the green cause.

This is how it is going to work. Nadya has pledged to cycle to the Earth Hour event at Orchard Road on 31 March if Desmond Koh, her husband (former national swimmer), can get 6 of his friends to go vegetarian for a month. Similarly, Desmond also issued his I-Will-If-You-Will challenge. He will cycle to the event if 60 of Nadya’s Twitter followers go vegetarian for a month.

I am helping Nadya to spread the word.  I have already pledged my support since I am currently on a 100-day vegetarian diet anyway. In fact, my meatless diet is supposed to end on 24 Feb but I had the intention to extend it because the Tibetan New Year (Losar) starts on 22 Feb for 15 days.  Any virtuous actions within this period will multiply merits by 100 million times! So, why not? Join me @STUMPBO in this 30-day vegetarian diet challenge (to end before 31 Mar 2012). 

If you are keen to participate in this meaningful cause, please follow Nadya (@Nadya_HutaGalng) in Twitter and inform her you are taking up the 30-day vegetarian diet challenge!

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Add your name to the Earth Hour community! Pledge your support and switch off the lights at 8.30pm on 31 March.

vr_button (4)Gather your family and friends to sign up as Earth Hour Ambassadors and celebrate Earth Hour 2012 at Orchard Road! Join in the festivities with a live concert and eco-carnival, witness the first 60+ SINGAPORE human formation and count down to the lights-off event at 8.30pm.  Closing date for registration is 18 March 2012.  Sign up today!

Click here for more information or email or check out their Facebook page for updates.  Ready. Get set. Let's do our part to save the Earth!

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