Thursday, 19 April 2012

Biscuit Crumbs Pork Chops using Happy Call Pan

So far, I am quite happy with what came out of my Happy Call Pan experiments. I can safely conclude nothing fails considerably cooking with the HCP. It is only a matter of controlling the fire, the timing and the way you cook different types of ingredients.  

Here's a sneak peek at what I am showcasing today - Biscuit Crumbs Pork Chops!  The combination of different ingredients is a little unusual compared to what we usually get outside, which is Pork Chops normally paired with fries/mashed potato/baked potato, baked beans/peas/corn, long beans/carrots/greens etc.... For my ingredients, I usually prepare what is available in my fridge. Besides pieces of pork loin chops, I found sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, japanese cucumber, some greens and some sunflower seeds. I decided to throw in a sunny side up egg as well because I love eggs!

Cutting the sweet potatoes into big cubes and sprinkling them with black pepper, I add them into the HCP with half a teaspoon of olive oil, and let them roast for about 10 minutes. Then I prepare my sunny-side up egg in the HCP which is ready in less than 5 minutes.  

In the meantime, I saute some slices of chinese mushroom with chopped garlic in olive oil (or butter), and then adding a cup of water into them. Next I add in the condiments like oyster sauce, mushroom powder, black pepper, and let the mushroom simmer in low fire for the rest of 20-30 minutes while I am preparing the pork chops. When the gravy turns dark brown, I add 2 teaspoons of corn flour to make the gravy more sticky.  By the way, I intend to use this mushroom gravy to top my pork chops so that they would not be too dry. Also I love anything with mushroom!

The most important of all is the preparation of the pork chops. I marinated the pork chops with garlic powder, sesame oil, light soya sauce, black pepper, cajun powder, and corn flour. I left it to marinate in the fridge overnight.  

Before I cook the pork chops, I apply very little dark soya sauce sparingly over each piece of pork chop. This is because I wanted the pork chops to have a slightly darker shade of brown.  Next, I crushed some Crackers biscuits into crumbs. Then I gently coat each piece of pork chop over the biscuit crumbs, shaking off the excess. Adding half a teaspoon of oil, I let the pork chops cook in the HCP, each side about 5 minutes, until they turn golden brown. Check that both sides are not burnt. 

Tadah! Here are my Biscuit Crumbs Pork Chops!  There are 2 versions - the so-called dry and wet versions.  The difference is the mushroom gravy.  If you prefer your pork chops dry, you can dip them with chilli/tomato sauces or whatever sauce you like. Otherwise for the wet version here, my pork chops are topped with the hot mushroom gravy. Yummy!

I prefer my version wet, of course.  Not only were my Biscuit Crumbs Pork Chops topped with the garlicky mushroom gravy, I also added (a little too much) appetising roasted sesame sauce on my salad!  Here is my new contribution to another lovely HCP experiment using impromptu ingredients! 

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