Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sharing a slice of life - kudos to Cecilia!

A few weeks ago, a colleague and I were having lunch in Pizza Hut at Lucky Plaza. We ordered their lunch set meal with pan pizza and drink and a choice of side. I opted for Hawaiian Pizza, my usual choice. 

This is not a food review.  I would just like to pen down my thoughts on the waitress who served us at the restaurant.  

She is an elderly lady named Cecilia. She is probably in her mid 60s or early 70s. When she introduced herself, she put her laminated card on our table, informing us she would be serving us.  She was very helpful when we asked about the choice of items in the menu, as well as other queries. While we waited for the food, she busied herself clearing and cleaning the other tables, even though they were a few other waiters/waitresses around. Not one moment she stopped to take a rest. She was meticulous and made sure our orders arrived promptly and asked if we were satisfied with our food afterwards.  I wondered where she found all the energy and enthusiasm. She is the epitome of "service with a smile". She put to shame the many foreign workers we see in the service industry nowadays and even the younger Singaporeans who are mostly impetuous, apathetic or indifferent. She also put myself to shame, just because of her passion in a job that most Singaporeans shun, and for still willing to work at her age. It was indeed a pleasant dining experience - I ate humble pie that day. 

Kudos to Pizza Hut for giving senior citizens the opportunity by employing them.  And of course kudos to Cecilia! I wish her happiness and all the best in her life and for being a shining model to the rest of the people in the service industry, despite her age. 

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