Monday, 9 July 2012

Oh, G.O.D.

Oh God, there's a new shop in town, in The Central at Clarke Quay to be exact. And I mean the shop name is Goods of Desire, in short.... G.O.D.  They have plenty of vintage and quirky stuff. However the prices are also on the high side. This is NOT a paid advertisement by the way. 
As written in their website: "Goods of Desire is quintessentially Hong Kong. Our name also means "to live better" in our local dialect because it phonetically resembles the characters, “G.O.D.” Our designs are inspired by the vibrant culture of this energetic city where east meets west, and age-old traditions meet cutting-edge technology. With humour and creativity, we turn everyday subjects into truly extraordinary objects."
I like anything with 喜喜 (double happiness in Chinese), which is normally used during Chinese weddings. Very auspicious.  

See what I mean? From rubber 喜喜 cup cover, to 喜喜 boxes, greeting cards, bags, baskets, incense burners, lamp shades and cushions. 

Because of their official opening on 7 July 2012, there were some exhibits on display downstairs. There were many old school vintage items on display; from old cupboards with netting, to Kickapoo green bottles, to gunny sacks, Good Morning towels to charcoal burner.
Check out old bird cages, benches, the chinese tiger soft toys all reminiscences of the 1960s-70s Singapore and Hong Kong.
Also there were old school weighing machines, radio, vintage fans and sewing machines as part of the decor. On sale were many household items and pieces. Even vintage Iphone covers with Chairman Mao's designs (each plastic cover costing $51 is a little too much, right?).
Everyone remember the classic Cream Crackers box design which has been made into tissue boxes, chairs, etc.  There is also an adorable Panda bear collection of stuff, as well as vintage Tshirts and items emblazoned with chinese characters. 

There were some quirky items as well, which made me laugh.  From the "at your service" boxers, to naked body apron, to butt groping magnets and tattoo sleeves!! LOL! 

Awesome changing room for the unintiated - with bold designs and furry flooring.

Check out the Goods of Desire shop @ the Central if you are looking for a gift or something for the house.  A real interesting concept, if you ask me.

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