Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Singapore: Packed like sardines

Singapore is just an island. But the past time of Singaporeans is queuing. Anywhere, everywhere, crowds throng together for something, for anything.

At the launch of Iphone 5, queues were everywhere outside shops all over the island.
Also the recent F1 Grandprix in Singapore.
Singaporeans queue overnight before the launch of a new condominium development. 
Singaporeans throng to watch concerts.
Singaporeans go in droves to IT Show, PC Show and whatever-electronics show.
Foreign workers also co-exist with Singaporeans in droves everywhere.
Singaporeans love marathons; The Human Race, Sundown, Stanchart .... including the rat race....
Singaporeans love food fairs.... FREEBIES AND FREE FOOD!!!
National Day Parade is a crowd puller too.

Singaporeans Chinese and alike throng Chinatown during the Chinese New Year period.
Singaporeans are willing to queue a couple of hours for a popular stall.
Singaporeans love to make a trip across the causeway to Johor Bahru too, for cheap food, cheap petrol, and cheap groceries, despite the traffic and human jam.
Singaporeans love to attend opposition parties' rallies during the General Elections.
And as if the government still hasn't get the message from Singaporeans about public transport.......
.... PM Lee has recently said Singapore can afford six million people. 

Sir, I think Singapore island is going to sink soon....


  1. Lol! Beating around the bush just to prove one thing! I like!

  2. Haha, definitely the rat race is Singaporeans most favourite - Sadly the race will never have a winner though!


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