Thursday, 11 June 2009


MLY gave one tip:

"If you have 'pierced earlobes', ensure that the ears always have something in it like an ear ring, at least for 12 hours a day. Never leave it empty or else your luck would not be good."
Well, the ears are one part of the body that I like best. I love my ears. I do not have pierced ears as I do not like it. I did have them pierced many years ago, and was looking forward to wearing big chunky ear rings. Alas, my pierced ear lobes could never get dry, they were always wet and painful, and when I touched them, it felt lumpy. So finally I gave up, and just let the holes close back. I resorted to use clipped ear rings instead. But ironically, after the incident, I never wear ear rings again.

I love to touch my earlobes as they are fleshy, long and smooth. When I was a baby, I would usually have the milk bottle on one hand and the other hand, I would be touching and rubbing my earlobes, and then I would fall asleep. It was like my "pacifier". Other kids would rub a soft toy or pillow, or suck their thumb or pacifier.

I read an article here about the meaning of different types of ears.

"In the middle of the ear, the wider the area the more one will observe with his ears, the more discreet and trustworthy when entrusted with secrets."

"What is most significant in the lower zone of the ear is the gap above the lobe. The wider the gap, the more generous in deeds and spirit – the narrower the meaner. The ideal is when the index finger fits snugly into it."

The earlobes have long been associated with longevity but this is not entirely true. Long lobes of ears that are set close to the side of the head is a truer indication of longevity. Long ear lobes denote patience, wisdom and the fortunate ability for the owner to be appreciated and helped by those he meets or who he requests help from".

I also notice I have a mole somewhere in the middle of my ear. From the article, it says "a mole on the middle zone signifying that prosperity is guaranteed at some time of the subject's life. The higher the mole, the earlier the success, the lower the mole the later the success". Hmm... how I wish it will be true! There is also a mole on my other ear still at the middle zone but at a slightly different location.

Haha... so interesting.

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  1. Uh oh! I have about 6 empty pierced holes in each ear. I better find my earrings. I could use some better luck. :)


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