Monday, 8 October 2012

A symphony of colourful mess

I am slowly getting back to blogging regularly. Had been getting loads of irritating spambot emails in the blog, which was why I had to lock it up intermittently. I am also having a bout of cough for the past week.... purification.  So looks like I can only afford snippets of random posts at the moment. How you like that? 

During lunch time recently, my colleagues and I passed by Wilkie Edge in the Selegie area. Decided on impromptu to lunch at Daebak, a small Korean place with just a few tables, a simple and straight forward menu with very reasonable prices (all below $10). 

I ordered the Hot Stone Bibimbap. Usually I prefer hot stone than the regular ones, because it is piping hot and er... I like the motion of getting my act together.... mixing, cooking and stirring up all the ingredients and rice in the hot stone.  Squeezing loads of the Gochuchang paste (red sauce) over the rice and pork, carrot, beansprouts, mushroom, veggies and raw egg.

The result is a beautiful symphony of colourful mess for lunch. 

Daebak Korean Food @ Wilkie Edge 
8 Wilkie Rd, Dhoby Ghaut, Singapore.

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