Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My little curly-hair girly has grown up

My niece has grown up so much. She is now the same height as me and will overshoot me soon. We just celebrated her 14th birthday last week. 

I'm so proud of her because she is doing well in school and keeping herself very busy enjoying her school activities, dancing and singing, mixing well with her friends in a good secondary school. She has also just been awarded some money by the town council for having best performance in her results, or something like that. 

However I will always remember her as a cute little chubby baby with curly hair who did not have any temper at all.  When she was a baby, she has a very sweet nature and was always smiling and laughing.  And she could sleep like a log. No amount of shaking or loud noise could wake her up. 

May my niece have wisdom and happiness in achieving her goals, and may she always be blessed by the Three Jewels.   

Happy birthday, girly!  Yee yee loves you. :)  

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