Wednesday, 17 July 2013

'Like' it or not

I have been observing... what people post and/or what they like in Facebook.  Usually the same group of just a few friends (maybe not even close friends) will always 'Like' what you post.  Sometimes you notice only someone or certain people will only click Like on certain friends' posts and not others at all. At times it makes me wonder, are they liking for the sake of just liking what they see/read (it was a fantastic post) or they are liking because they like the person who posted and want to be supportive, or they just want to be in the good books of the person (in other words, curry favour). Furthermore the same person will always have something to comment in addition to liking the post, while ignoring the rest of the world.

You had be surprised at your discovery once you get the hang of the 'pattern' or 'trait'. I must say, I'm just a little whimsical and bemused. In a weird way, it teaches me how the world is always changing whether you like it or not. It teaches me about  impermanence. The only realisation is coming to terms with the reality of life and then struggling to embrace it. The wonderful realisation of what a mere click can uncover...

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