Sunday, 8 September 2013


I have not been writing here due to various reasons, although I have been still writing short snippets of everything.  

A few months ago, it was Qing Ming. Qing Ming is to commemorate our ancestors and dearly departed ones. I always like this 100 Torma Offering puja (Torma gya-tsa in Tibetan). Or there is the 400 Offerings Puja which is also repaying our karmic debts and exhausting our negative karma and huge obstacles. It's a practice where vast merits can be dedicated to the deceased and our ancestors, who receive the merits in order to repay their karmic debts and purify their negative karma for a better future rebirth. 

During the past Qing Ming and the recent lunar seventh month, I did these pujas, especially dedicated to my late grandfather who looked after me when I was a baby.  He passed away from a heart attack when I was 6 years old. May he have a very good rebirth in all his future lifetimes.

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  1. hello, i love ur blog. can u please explain what torma is really?


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