Thursday, 28 January 2016

Waking up

So when I reached home from work yesterday, I concussed for an hour after my dinner. Then later in the night had a good solid 6 hours of sleep. 

I love the wake up feeling in the morning, always refreshed and calm. If time allows, it is the only time of the day I can just be myself and contemplate on life. That's the only 'me time' before I get busy for the rest of the day. Those moments I reconcile whatever emotions I may be feeling the day before. 

It is weird that many experiences I encounter feel like deja vu to me. It seems like I've gone through them before and they happened again. So was the present encounter more real than the previous encounter? At times we just refuse to accept the reality of things as it is, even though it is obviously in our face.  

Then sometimes I feel like I'm flying, a certain force pushing me up and seeing everything underneath, thinking how transient it is. Then at that moment, whatever joy or disappointment there is, it eventually ceases. 

Actually a new chapter of my life has quietly crept in, without me realising it.....

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