Saturday, 27 August 2016

Health is Wealth

For the past few years, I have frequent shoulder pain or back ache.  Doctors or masseurs would always  attribute it to having a desk bound job and working on the computer the whole day. 

Some time back, I went for this therapy massage. That night I had uninterrupted sleep from 1am to 6am. Usually I'll wake up in between before falling asleep again, not sure was it due to my back problem. 

While most people there were screaming away, I was quite alright, not as painful as I thought I had be. Not much pain means a clean bill of health according to my massuer.  He advised me to drink slowly, eat less potatoes, and exercise more! He said for my body type if I were to slim down my muscles would  be taut and not the bouncy soft type. 😅💪 Taut muscles here I come!

Generally the massuer also advised we should cut down on eating too much raw veggies ie. salad and fruits as most are too 'cooling' in nature and anything cooling will cause our system to go haywire which in turn results in ailments and problems. Always keep internal and external body warm and drink more ginger water. 

Luckily I am usually too lazy to eat fruits and salad is only once in a blue moon. I love veggies but I prefer them cooked /roasted.

I had a huge impact fall inside a fast moving bus in Myanmar a few months ago. It crushed my left shoulder /arm and right hip. When it happened, there was a sudden huge force which made me fall flat on my back and left me stunned and shocked for a few hours. That night I immediately went for a massage, but the pain was still raw, and it was agonising. I was in great pain for a couple of weeks after that. Fortunately I didn't break my bones. However until today, my left arm has obviously weakened, not much strength when wearing clothes or lifting heavier stuff.

The episode made me realise I'm not young anymore and the body will get more fragile and unhealthy if I maintain the current lifestyle. I need my body to be in tip top condition in order to continue my practice. 

Recently after a month of diet regime, I've gone down one size although my appearance is still not drastically changed. 😅 I feel lighter and slightly more healthy. 

So now I try to maintain by watching my diet; cutting down on carbohydrates like rice, bread, noodles and biscuits. Also cutting down on drinks with high sugar levels. I don't crave for coffee or coke anymore. 

I also exercise by cycling and going for long walks. Catching pokemons helped too. At level 25, I've walked more than 120km. Haha. 

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