Sunday, 15 October 2006

Clutter phobia

Yes I am in my de-clutter mode again. Meaning I am tempted to throw out everything I don't use anymore, don't wear anymore, don't remember anymore, or simply don't want anymore! Once in a while, ever so often, I packed all my stuff and send them off to the Salvation Army. Hopefully, at least some poor souls can benefit from my clutter. Some clothes which I bought but after wearing the first time, found that it has shrank, it didn't look good anymore, so it was chucked aside snugly in the farthest corner of my wardrobe. And once when my cupboard is full, I will pack those unwanted stuff and off they went!! Spent the weekend spring-cleaning my room although I was down with flu, sore throat and plain tiredness. I sent my old luggage out for repair (eversince Tiger Airways ripped off its handles). I changed my bedsheets and washed my quilt cover/blanket. At the end of it, are 2 huge bags of clothes to be given away, 5 pairs of shoes and 5 big plastic bags of rubbish to be thrown away. I'm not a neat freak, but I need to de-clutter my mind sometimes you know.

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