Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Scene of crime

Last night I had a nightmare. I couldn't remember anything in the beginning except the later part. Me and a few of my sales colleagues were in some place outdoor, walking and chit-chatting. We saw two beautiful dogs, Siberian Huskys, loitering around us. One was white, the other was black and white.

One of my colleagues, I'll call her Miss GST, was a normally unusual person in real life, with a quirky character. In the dream, suddenly, she shouted to the rest of us: "I want to eat dog meat!" And suddenly she took out a chopper, and went chasing the dogs. In a split second, I saw the dog's head dropped to the ground! And in another split second, I saw pieces of red raw dog flesh chopped neatly into cubes on the floor. GST actually picked up the meat and ate it! The place was bloody everywhere. Next, she was lying face down on the floor, devouring the gory stuff.

I was stunned, shocked beyond belief, stood frozen in that nightmare. Then I woke up, still dazed with horror, a sinking sickening feeling . (The scene looked so horrific that I don' t want to post any photos to this posting). This was the worst nightmare I had in my whole life.

Later when I reached office, I learnt that GST has tendered her resignation. Maybe that nightmare was some sort of premonition. Her whirlwind two and half months stay with the company.

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