Friday, 6 October 2006

Seeing red

The haze is quite bad today. I'm sure it's almost reaching 100PSI. True enough, when I checked, it's 80PSI. Everywhere looks so blurry, dreary and depressing. I felt so lethargic. For a moment I thought it's because of lanterns burning, as it's the Lantern Festival and being the full moon. I couldn't even be bothered to eat the sweet Mooncake.

So it's one of those days which I had nothing better to do but to sms my fengshui master to ask whether I should change my wallet for better luck. My question was whether I should buy a gold colour wallet since my money element is metal. The master replied "You should carry a red wallet. Trust me. And don't ask questions". master always say I am talkative and talk too much (which I swear I am not). I only replied coincidentally I just bought a red handbag! To which she replied : "Hehe. Trust me!! This colour will work for you! Good luck!!!"

So off I went to buy a red wallet and a red card holder, to match my red handbag!

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