Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Viva la Vivo!

The long 4-day weekend made me quite bored actually. For in Singapore, what else can we do but shop, catch a movie, eat? Made my 2nd attempt to VivoCity yesterday, and again met with the huge crowd ever eager to romp the place, with only maybe 70% of the shops open for business. Yes, the place is huge, but the crowds were even more terrifying! And the layout of the entire complex was not what I would consider crowd-friendly. Give me Marina Square and Takashimaya in Orchard anytime!

Bought a GAP (Singapore version) red T-shirt. The collection was not exactly varied, however I do think the prices are reasonable for most items. Then spent lots of time (queueing) in Candy Empire, with its selections of candies, cookies, gummies, chocolates, chips etc.. Ended up buying some brands which I have never seen before, Cavalier Belgian Chocolates (sugar-free), deBron Almond cookies and Fox's Ginger cookies. And Arnott's Hundreds & Thousands colourful chips pink cookies for niece and nephew. They love anything with colourful chips on it. And I zipped out of VivoCity within 2 hours!
I don't think I will venture to that part of the island for the next few months, or at least till ALL shops are open for business and the crowd has wear off its novelty.

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