Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Wet blanket

I am back! Last night the flight was delayed because of Hong Kong weather condition, hence by the time I reached home was past 1am today. And after bathing and checking emails, I was knocked out by 4 am. The whole of today was unpacking and napping and unpacking and more napping.

The entire 6 days in Hong Kong was free and easy, saved for the one half-day city tour of HK and one full-day city tour of Shenzhen. The rest of the time was shopping and walking and shopping. I discover that it was tough as it involved my 83-year-old grandma, my mom whose legs are weak, my dad who couldn't stand shopping and the kids who have no patience to shop. Not to mention we had to find our own food during meal times. Hunger pangs and tired legs ruled most of the days.

Yesterday was our last day, so we went to the famous Wong Tai Sin Temple. It happened to be the 1st day of the lunar 10th month as well. There were throngs of people there. After that, we took the MTR to Prince Edward St for some last minute shopping. It started to rain. Although we were lucky that only the last day was raining, the older folks were by then too tired and impatient to shop. We had to live with my dad's black face throughout until I had to flag a cab to send them back to the hotel first. It (he) was a wet unhappy ending to the otherwise enjoyable trip. Next time there will be no more free and easy trips for the old folks. They can only tahan full-package tours where everything is provided for. Such a wet blanket!

More of the trip and pictures will come later, as I am too sleepy.

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