Friday, 24 November 2006

When Dreams Come True?

The weirdest of weirdest dream I had last night. I dreamt of Fann Wong and Christopher Lee.

First of all, Fann appeared and she seemed to be in a frustrated mood. She was in her shortest bob hair ever with her fair translucent skin. She frowned and whispered to me about something. Now my dreams are mostly like those silent movies which the leading actors inside do not speak. The real me don't understand what she has said to the me in the dream. But the me in the dream seemed to understand. The me in the dream seemed to be comforting her and whispering something back. For the next few seconds, Fann calmed down and gave a helpless shrug.

Then the next moment, Christopher Lee appeared. His handsome face didn't looked handsome at all, with pimples bursting with redness. He was ranting mad, intent
on arguing with Fann. His open palm revealed 3 small pieces of green jade which he showed Fann, and they started quarrelling. The me in the dream tried to stop them. Christopher was shouting at Fann madly (the me in the dream seemed to understand what he was ranting about).

I looked at Fann and she really
looked miserable and sad. The saddest I have ever seen of her compared to all her reel screen appearances. She looked at me with her most pitiful downcast eyes. I can't remember how the dream ended.

I first saw Fann when she was filming in her very first TV drama "When Dreams Come True". She filmed a scene in my office. Anyway, I gather from my experience in my dreams, something seems not right in Fann's real life now. I can't say exactly what, but I think I know.

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