Monday, 15 January 2007

Cure for Monday blues

Monday blues, rest and relax in office. Went to see the doctor because my body has been itching terribly for almost a week. Felt I got ripped off by the doctor, paid $32 for a 6-pills of anti-itch medicine and a small cream tube for skin irritation. And advise from doc, after inspecting my body of red tiny dots..... maybe you were bitten by a termite? (cannot be!!!!), do not use Dettol shower foam, use a milder soap (but I have been using Dettol for umpteen years without any skin erosion or mishap!), wear more cotton and less nylon material clothes (did I??!!)..and do not worry, its probably a skin allergy (???)

Anyway wanted to give myself a treat for such a lousy day. Went Lerk Thai. Ordered the;

- Pla Muerk Nung Manow (steamed cuttlefish with sour, hot & spicy sauce)

- Hor Ok Talay (seafood otak in banana leaf)

- Larb Gai (spicy Thai minced chicken salad)

- Pahd Woon Sen (fried Tang Hoon Thai style).

It was enough for the two of us. And we were filled, with no room for desserts. BTW, the seafood otak was horrible, and the steamed cuttlefish although fresh and nice and sour, was not the same sauce I tasted in Bangkok which was even more heavenly! Anyway the company is more important than the food itself, I think. And I am never a person who enjoy food with a table of many persons. Too detached and emotionless. Just one or two friends whom you can talk to and share a meal is already.. in my opinion... just nice.

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