Wednesday, 24 January 2007

No pork, no lard, hard?

Since Monday I have started my 2 weeks of being vegetarian. My purpose is to cleanse my body of everything related to meat. This is for both spiritual and diet purposes. That means eating everything except meat - pork, fish, chicken, lamb, eggs. I am already off beef for two years. Being vegetarian means sticking to just different types of vegetables, salads, potatoes, fruits etc. I can still eat my rice, noodles, pasta, bread, cookies etc. There is actually a wide variety of vegetarian food readily available in Singapore. So it's really not that hard being vegetarian.

It's good to do cleansing once a while. This is also to prepare myself for my pujas starting 2 Feb. Hopefully by then, I will be completely cleansed and ready, and my prayers and healing sessions will be more effective. It purifies all our negativities and cleanses our body. I will be meeting the great well-known great healer, H.E. Kangyur Rinpoche, a highly realised lama. There will be a series of pujas, teachings and initiations specially conducted by Rinpoche, and these activities will benefit us greatly. Rinpoche is highly skilled in subduing black magic and evil charms, and possesses great healing powers. If you are suffering from any illnesses, even stroke or paralysis, depression, cancer, rheumatism, autism or unknown illnesses which doctors have not been able to diagnose, Rinpoche will be able to help.

I am really looking forward to rid myself of unknown negativities. Hehe.

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