Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Zee Ostrich!

It's already halfway through the week, Wednesday, and it seemed Miss Monday Blues never left me. And I can't wait for Mr Friday to appear! The fluctuating moods meandering between bored and anxious and fed up and resigned and dejection all bursting at the same time do not help my frustration. The worst thing is I cant pinpoint "WHAT THE HELL THE PROBLEM IS !" Actually maybe I do know the root of the cause/s yet I am choosing to ignore it. Just like zee Ostrich!!! No matter what and how I try to cheer myself up, its still there.

Tell me what to look forward to in the year of the BOAR!! I can't wait for my pujas to start!

For now, I only look forward to meeting someone on 15 Feb, just before the year of the BOAR arrives! Gah!

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