Tuesday, 20 March 2007

5 weird things about me

1. I never try on clothes in the shops. If something fits me, I will normally just buy. I know my size and so long I like the piece enough, I will just pay up, without trying. The reason is because we don't know whether the previous person who tried the piece earlier is dripping in sweat or not! Worse, maybe got BO some more.

2. If I like a person, I will go all the way out to be a caring friend. But at the same time, I will turn 360 degree around if I know the person does not appreciate me in the same light. And when I say I change totally, I mean I really changed my behaviour towards the person. TOTALLY. In the sense I may ignore the person totally, sometimes for good. What to do, cancerians are moody....

3. I always change handphones often whenever I tire of the current one. I am a true-blue gadget freak. And whenever I change handphones, it's normally a newly-released model. Hence there may not be any accessories for that model in the market yet. But I will still go all out in the first few weeks just to enquire about accessories. For example, I am still searching almost everyday for the crystal case for my E65, which is not in the stores yet! Till one shop assistant recognised me and promised to call me once the case is here! Hence my handphones normally are dripped with many accessories. Heh..

4. I need my baby powder every time after shower. Without the powder, I will feel so sticky and hot and bothered before bed time. And I will end up bathing again! So powder better don't become extinct.

5. Whenever I feel down in luck or when I have gone for some happy occasions like weddings, or baby first month celebration or sad occasions like funerals, I will normally buy lots of lime. I will cut up 3 limes into halves and squeeze them into a pail of water, and I will rub the lime and juice all over my body. I will do that for consecutively 3 days. This is a secret method imparted by my master, in order to rid myself of the bad energy that is stuck in my body. When your body qi is stuck, how can you have good luck? In that sense, I am superstitious.

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