Monday, 14 May 2007

Mom's day

Nice ok Mothers' Day weekend. Saturday went out with niece and nephew and sis and mom shopping in Plaza Singapura. They were like birds released from their cages, especially my niece, released from being cooped up at home for the past 6 weeks because of EXAMS. We had lunch at the food court. I had the Grilled Ayam Penggang set as usual. This stall always garners a long queue.

Saturday night brought my family to the Hong Kong Cafe in Katong Village. Huge mistake. Normally when I am there with my lazy rich friend, we were served pretty fast. And they have many varieties of dishes to choose from. But because it was overcrowded this weekend, our orders were screwed up and all our main dishes came at different timing. Some dishes never came. After many visits to the kitchen for 2 hours, we gave up. Unhappy encounter, will I go back again?

Sunday night we had a huge gathering with aunts and uncles and cousins to celebrate Mothers Day at Chin Lee Restaurant in Bedok North. We had Teochew food as usual because of the matriarch my grandmother
. Food was ok I guess. And we headed back to grandma's house for coffee and desserts. This was our first official gathering after the CNY chap-goh-mei night.

Anyway, I just want to say to my Mom in the card we gave her, I wish that you will enjoy your retirement years and don't worry for us anymore, try to relax and go on more trips to anywhere you like. I really want to bring you to the US soon. I LOVE YOU, MOM :)

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