Monday, 15 September 2008

My aunt from Bangkok

My Aunt Rena is back for a visit. Her family lives in Thailand. She has not been back for a visit for more than 2 years. Aunt Rena, my mom's younger sis, is one of my favourite aunts, although we seldom have the chance to get together often.

Aunt Rena (she is wearing blue, pictured here with Mom) married a Thai Chinese and her family runs a thriving business managed by her husband and herself, as well as her 3 children. She is and looks like a typical rich tai tai.

Although she is rich, she is not haughty. A very devouted Buddhist, she donated a lot of money and food to the poor. She even helped build temples and buddha statues. She has no airs, so people feel comfortable talking to her. Whenever she is back, she would take public transport with us (eventhough she owns probably a dozen cars back home), eat the local food in old stuffy hawker centers, and visit temples to pray and for prayers. And whenever we visit her in Bangkok, she is the most hospitable host who feed and feed us with too much good food till we are too bloated to talk. I remember her homemade glutonious rice with mango was so so nice compared to those we eat here. She also drove us anywhere we want to go for sightseeing or shopping. She is sensitive to everyone's needs. When she talks, it's always concern for you and she never rebukes you at all.

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