Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Thank you, Irmelin!

Received a lovely note from a reader in Norway.  She called herself 'an aspiring Buddhist' and thanked me for the inspiring information in this blog.  

You made my day. Thank you so much, Irmelin!   May you be blessed by the Three Jewels always!  Tusen takk!!!

I take this chance to thank all my new and long-time readers too, some of whom recognised me on the streets or when we met during some events. 

I remember during the previous Grand Puja organised by Gaden Shartse Dro-Phen Ling in February, a guy approached me and asked if I was STUMPBO. He related to me about how the "Daily Mantras" section in my blog has helped him. He used to have acute pain in his mouth/teeth for a long time which never went away. But after he chanted a particular mantra 108 times (one mala) daily, he recovered completely!  I cannot begin to explain how powerful mantras are, but it is only from chanting that one experiences their benefits.  I know some readers visit my blog daily just for this list of mantras. Thank you for sharing with me your experience, Chris!

I do not wish for fame or have zillion blog hits or be recognised with some blogger award. I only hope my sharing of some experiences/stories, Dharma-related or otherwise, help you in making certain areas of your life meaningful. May all be happy. Om mani padme hum! 

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