Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A momentous farewell at the airport

I can't believe I'm still so very busy even though Kangyur Rinpoche has already gone back to Dharamsala. Life is suddenly in a whirlwind at this age, exactly like what someone told me long ago that it would be so.

Anyway my laptop broke down for the past week and it's still down, no thanks to a Singtel's outage breakdown and a laggy laptop. I'm now blogging from the mobile phone. So I guess I can only manage snippets of posts at the moment.

Our dearest Healing Lama is now back in Dharamsala. About 400 people were at the airport last weekend to give our dearest teacher a grand send off. It was such a momentous one hour with Rinpoche. The queue was permanently long from Row 2 to Row 7 of the check in counters for about one hour! It was a touching sight to see everyone receiving blessings from Rinpoche. He was pleasantly surprised and in high spirits as he blessed each and everyone, touching their heads, faces, and holding their hands. Rinpoche said he was very happy and that he would continue to pray for us even if he was back in Dharamsala.

I saw Rinpoche spent extra time blessing and healing an elderly lady. He blew onto her face as well as her legs and chanted prayers. He did the same for a couple of special children by holding onto their heads and blowing onto them. A man offered Rinpoche a big offering, saying it was from his elderly mother who was unable to be there. Rinpoche was visibly touched and dedicated prayers for the man's mother.

I'm so pleased that so many thousands of people have planted this special seed of affinity with Kangyur Rinpoche. Such is the greatness, compassion and kindness of the Healing Lama. May Kangyur Rinpoche live long and may we see him again and again in all our lifetimes. See you again soon, Rinpoche!

(Photos by Dharma brother, Lobsang Garden).

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